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Terminate Flies Cleanly

Occasionally flies can find their ways into the house. They not only are annoying but also can carry pathogens on their bodies and in their faeces, contaminate food, and contribute to the transfer of food-borne illnesses. Most households keep a fly swatter handy. However, conventional fly swatters, often made of plastic, have a permanent swatter which can be contaminated by the remains of flies over time – they feel dirty even though they can be washed.

PaperSwatter™ is a new kind of fly swatter. As the name suggests, its swatter is made of perforated card paper that is disposable. A replacement card paper swatter can be easily inserted into a split at a tip of a handle which is made of natural wood or bamboo. Another advantage is that a PaperSwatter™ hits a fly just hard enough to kill it without creating a “splash” like plastic fly swatters do.

PaperSwatter™ is a progress like paper towel. It is saying NO to cheap plastics that are choking our ocean. After all, a summer's supply of PaperSwatter™ may cost less than $20.

Clean . Easy . Natural

PaperSwatter™ comes with 100% satisfaction guarantee. Your battle against housefly intrusion will be cleaner, just as easy, and more natural. If yours will not be the case, just send back what remains in the kit at any time for a full refund.

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